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Landing profiles of Portuguese fisheries: assessing the state of stocks

“Long-term trends in Portuguese fisheries landing profiles of biodiversity, assemblage composition, trophic groups and marine trophic index (1950–2009) were studied to understand the evolution of the fisheries from an ecological viewpoint and evaluate the effects of fisheries on stocks. The number of species landed has increased considerably since the 1980s. This indicates an expansion of the fisheries and also a better use of the marine biodiversity for redistributing effort. Changes in the ecological composition of fisheries catches have occurred since the 1950s, with a significant shift in the middle 1980s (anchor point). Deep-sea resources and higher trophic levels (cephalopods, large benthopelagics, flatfishes, demersal invertebrates, small-medium and large rays, medium bathydemersal, shrimps, small benthopelagics large sharks) have increased while traditional commercial species captured by nearshore fisheries (medium and small pelagics) have decreased. Despite the decreasing trend in catches since 1988, the marine trophic index (MTI = 3.04) increased by approximately 0.2 units per decade (MTI in 2009 = 3.46). The number of collapsed, overexploited and fully exploited stocks has increased considerably over the last 20 years (>50%). Overall, the data indicate that redistributing fishing effort and targeting of deep-sea resources may have been driven by depletion of inshore fishery stocks, which signals concern for the fishery. Marine biodiversity indexes and ecological structure of landings profiles should be considered by fishery managers when redefining new marine fisheries policy.”

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Fonte: Fisheries Management and Ecology – 15 de março de 2015

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