Publicado por: pongpesca | 2015/09/02

Sea-Girdled Taiwan Creates First Central Marine Agency

TaiwanTurtleTaiwan is establishing a new government agency to coordinate and implement the island country’s marine policies and strengthen conservation of its ocean environment.
Taiwan’s legislators passed a law in June that enables the creation of a cabinet-level Ocean Affairs Council and subordinate agencies, including an Ocean Conservation Administration and a National Academy for Ocean Research.
The law places the Coast Guard Administration under the jurisdiction of the Council. The Ocean Affairs Council is to take charge of overall marine policy, marine biodiversity and sustainability, marine conservation zones, marine education and research, coastal security, and the internalization of international ocean law.
Wen-yan Chiau, a Taiwanese legislator and a professor specializing in marine conservation and governance, explains, “For the last two decades, academia has been calling for the establishment of a central competent authority to address the fact that Taiwan is a marine country and its people rely on the sea for food and resources.”

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Fonte: Environment News Service, dia 1 de Setembro, 2015


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