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The low impact fishermen of the Baltic region join their forces

LIFE-001-300x200“Smaller scale fishermen from around the Baltic met on Saturday 29th August in Utska, Poland to demand a greater voice in fisheries policy to counter the ongoing disaster for cod and other stocks that threatens their very existence.
The meeting, organised and facilitated by the Low Impact Fishers of Europe platform [LIFE} gave fishermen from Poland, Sweden and Germany the opportunity to come together to consider and agree a series of initiatives and actions in an attempt to not only move towards more sustainable fisheries but also to ensure the survival and future prosperity of their fishing sector.
Speaker after speaker highlighted the dire situation for fish and low impact fishermen in the Baltic and the urgent need for much more effective management based on long term sustainability rather than on short term profit.
They demanded an end to pelagic trawling for Herring and Sprat for fish meal production in the southern Baltic, the introduction of a ban on trawling in Polish waters within 6 miles to protect the shallower and more biologically diverse inshore areas and a review of fishing for fish meal as this negatively effects the ecosystem balance to the detriment of fish and fishermen alike. The meeting also demanded that decision makers follow the ICES advice when deciding on TAC’s and Quotas for the Baltic Sea. Finally, they registered their disagreement with the reduction in the landing size for Cod in the Baltic and insisted that Member States immediately and genuinely implement the requirements of Article 17 of the CFP in order to provide a fairer allocation of quota in line with environmental, social and economic criteria.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: LIFE – 31 de agosto de 2015

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