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Victory for consumers in WWF´s battle to defend MSC ecolabel

tuna_purse_seine_fishery_helene_petit_wwf_canon_111562_519766The Echebastar Indian Ocean tuna fishery will not be certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard. Following an objection from WWF and an independent adjudication, the Independent Adjudicator has made his final ruling on the case, reiterating his initial finding that the scoring by the certifier could not be justified and requiring that the earlier recommendation for certification be withdrawn. This landmark decision highlights that current management of tuna in the Indian Ocean does not meet the MSC’s sustainability requirements.

The MSC, beset for a number of years by poor certifier performance and the misapplication of its sustainability standard will benefit from the decision which brings a new clarity to the standard. But the real victors are the consumers who rely on the eco-label to assure them that their purchases are from genuinely sustainable fisheries.

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Fonte: WWF – 23 de Setembro 2015


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