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ICCAT: bluefin tuna recovery on track but illegal fishing still to be tackled, swordfish at risk, says WWF

As the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) closes its 24th regular meeting today in St Julian’s, Malta, WWF applauds the contracting parties for continuing to follow scientific advice and maintain the Bluefin tuna recovery plan unchanged. Nevertheless, WWF continues to express concern over the lack of traceability for this species, which prevents the eradication of illegal fishing. The conservation organisation also raises an urgent call to improve the situation of the Mediterranean swordfish as no measures to help its recovery were agreed upon.

“We are very pleased that no modification was made to the Mediterranean Bluefin tuna recovery plan. But we regret that no decision to properly trace the fish from the boat to the market was taken, especially at the farming level. Without a good traceability system we cannot ensure the full recovery of the species”, said Raul Garcia, Fisheries Officer at WWF. “But our biggest concern now is the Mediterranean swordfish.

Fonte: wwf Med Po, dia 18 de Novembro 2015

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