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Zooplankton growth rates key to low fish numbers

zooplanktong“Small fisheries in Western Australian waters are at the mercy of zooplankton, with short-lived growth in the Kimberley.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) studied zooplankton, the second link on the marine food chain, who feed on microscopic phytoplankton and in turn become food for larvae of the finfish that fishermen seek out.

While Australia has the third largest fishing zone in the world, its rate of fish production is ranked 55th world wide, placing it below even landlocked countries such as Uganda.

AIMS principal research scientist David McKinnon compared zooplankton biomass and growth rates in the Kimberley with those on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to see if the explanation for low fish production in both places might be found in the availability of their zooplankton food.”

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