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Ensuring sustainable aquaculture feed ingredients – new Seas At Risk policy paper

Aquaculture_feed_paper“European aquaculture cannot be considered “sustainable” until the use of poorly managed and/or overexploited marine ingredients in the diets of European farmed fish is replaced by ecologically responsible marine and alternative non-marine ingredients. Seas At Risk’s new policy paper outlines urgent and longer term actions to be taken by the EU on the issue of feed.

In the EU, the Common Fisheries Policy and the Blue Growth strategy aim to promote sustainable aquaculture growth. However, it is imperative that increased production does not result in any further overfishing to provide these marine feed ingredients. Proper safeguards and traceability needs to be established to ensure that growth in aquaculture does not jeopardise the objective of ending overfishing in the Common Fisheries Policy, nor lead to the overexploitation of other, non-EU fisheries that currently provide marine proteins and oils for feed.

A key target should be to ensure that all species farmed provide a net gain in fish protein. Aquaculture can only fill the fish gap if it does not remove more wild fish from the oceans for feed requirements than it produces. This is already the case for many species such as carp and tilapia, whose need for fishmeal and fish oil is low. Progress is also being made to achieve this for other, more popular carnivorous species such as Atlantic salmon.”

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Consultar documento completo aqui.

Fonte: Seas at Risk – 16 de novembro de 2015

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