Publicado por: pongpesca | 2015/12/16

Dynamics of killer whale, bluefin tuna and human fisheries in the Strait of Gibraltar

  • Killer whales in Spain eat bluefin tuna actively or interacting with a fishery.
  • Pods of interacting individuals showed better survival and reproductive output.
  • No calf has survived after 2005, related to the decline of this fishery catches.
  • Food-provisioning could be influencing calf survival for depredating whales.
  • The conservation of these whales depends on the conservation of their main prey.


A complex balance has arisen between the bluefin tuna, killer whales, and human activities in the Strait of Gibraltar. Recent changes in fishing effort have dramatically decreased tuna stocks, breaking this balance. Killer whales exhibit two strategies for feeding on tuna: active hunting and depredation on a drop-line fishery.

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Fonte: sciencedirect, dia 16 de dezembro de 2015


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