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Expedition to study scale of microplastics on Atlantic’s smallest creatures

Scientists will sail from the UK to the Falkland Islands to study the level of microplastic pollution on tiny zooplankton at the bottom of the food chain

Scientists will set off from the east coast of England this week to journey thousands of miles across the Atlantic to discover how bad the problem of the oceans’ tiniest creatures eating microplastics has become.

Zooplankton are essential for the marine food web right up to the fish we eat, and are known to be more likely to die and be worse at reproduction after eating the minuscule pieces of plastic.

But researchers still do not have a clear picture of exactly how prevalent the pollution has become in the wild. The Atlantic Meridional Transect expedition, due to leave the Port of Immingham on Tuesday, will travel to the middle of the Atlantic and then head south before cutting across to the Falkland Islands to shed light on how widespread microplastics are in zooplankton.

Fonte: The Guardian, dia 19 de Setembro 2016

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