Publicado por: pongpesca | 2016/11/10

New atlas bolsters global perspective of fisheries – book review

book-cover-396x512“Daniel Pauly has built his career as a fisheries biologist out of tracking down the numbers that reflect the true health of the marine ecosystem. From early on, he could see that the picture was quite a bit bleaker than what the data from the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) State of the World’s Fisheries and Aquaculture bear out.

Critical pieces, such as the numbers characterizing the subsistence fishing that anchors the diets of coastal communities in the developing world, were missing. And he noticed that as more stocks have become overfished, we’ve come to accept these depleted populations as the new normal. Pauly calls that a “shifting baseline,” and it’s become a signature issue for him.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: Mongabay – 3 de novembro de 2016

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