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Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in fisheries and aquaculture

Why consider gender issues in the fisheries sector?

In the fisheries sector, men and women engage in distinct and often complementary activities that are strongly influenced by the social, cultural and economic contexts they live in. Male-female relations vary greatly and are based on economic status, power relations, and access to productive resources and services.

In most regions, fish catching is male-dominated. Ocean-going boats
for offshore and deep-sea fishing have male crews, while in coastal artisanal fishing communities women often manage smaller boats and canoes. Women are mostly responsible for skilled and time-consuming onshore tasks, such as making and mending nets, processing and marketing catches, and providing services to the boats. In western Africa and Asia, as much as 60 percent of seafood is marketed by women, and in many parts of the world they also do a significant amount of shellfish gathering/clam gleaning – a fishery activity that is often under-recognized, or not recognized at all.


Fonte: FAO

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