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Overfishing threatens food security off Africa’s western and central coast as many fish species in the region face extinction – IUCN report


Many marine fish species – including the Madeiran sardine – are in danger of global extinction due to overfishing along the coast of western and central Africa, threatening food security in the region, according to the Eastern Central Atlantic Red List of Threatened Species published today by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

The report is the first complete assessment of the conservation status of 1,288 bony fish species – a group which comprises the vast majority of fish species – in marine waters from Mauritania to Angola, including offshore islands like Cape Verde. According to its findings, 37 of the assessed species are threatened with extinction and 14 Near Threatened – many of them important food sources. Other threats to those species include the degradation of habitats, pollution, climate change and invasive species, according to the report.

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Fonte: IUCN, dia 25 de Janeiro 2017

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