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Memo to Council on Atlantic Herring: Don’t Stop Now

cp_atlantic_herring_memo_council_16x9“Schools of Atlantic herring are hypnotizing to watch. Like many other small fish, they gather in enormous numbers—ranging from thousands to more than a million—and swirl in morphing shapes as they divide and reunite in their efforts to avoid lunging predators. Those hunters include whales, bluefin tuna, cod, and puffins, and the survival of those animals in the waters off the U.S. East Coast is linked to healthy populations of Atlantic herring and other small prey, known as forage fish. How many Atlantic herring are available as prey depends in part on how many are taken from the water through commercial fishing. And a great quantity of Atlantic herring can be caught in short order. The vessels pursuing Atlantic herring are industrial in scale: With football field-sized nets and enough space to store a million pounds of fish, these behemoths dwarf the quintessential New England fishing boat.”

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Fonte: TalkingFish – 24 de janeiro de 2017

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