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MARINA – Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities

marina-proj“The MARINA project will engage these actors in order to share knowledge, include the citizens’ vision and societal needs, create a synergy between research&innovation and the environmental safeguard. The Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) process will achieve these objective: RRI is a new approach to science whereby all actors engaged can effectively make their voice heard in the whole research process and share their ideas with those who develop new solutions. Thanks to the on field experience, MARINA project will stregthen this systematic approach, making it transferable and reproducible for any RRI thematic domain.

Know more about RRI and MARINA project impact in the section Societal Objective.

MARINA project will include stakeholders engagement actions in order to ease actors cooperation: the MARINA Knowledge Platform, the organization of Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Workshops, exhibitions and more.

Discover all the actions in the section What we do.

Discover the MARINA consortium members in the section Partners.”

Visite a página do projeto aqui.

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