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Shark and Ray Tourism


WWF, Project AWARE and The Manta Trust have joined together to bring the world’s first Responsible Shark & Ray Tourism: A Guide to Best Practice.  Shark and ray tourism is on the rise globally. If current trends continue, the numbers of shark related tourism could more than double over the next twenty years. The Guide, developed in collaboration with science and industry, aims to create well managed shark and ray tourism operations, conserve species and benefit local communities.

One in four shark and ray species is facing an increased threat of extinction due primarily to overfishing. Well managed, responsible shark and ray related ecotourism can be a powerful, complementary conservation strategy.  It can also serve as an important supplementary source of income benefiting operators and the local communities alike.

The Guide, Responsible Shark and Ray Tourism – A Guide to Best Practice provides a suite of free, practical, downloadable tools that can be used by operators, NGOs, local communities and resource managers.

Fonte: WWF, dia 7 de Março 2017

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