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‘Small is beautiful’; the use of ecolabels in small-scale fisheries

e20170509_pole-and-line-fishingazoresfish4ever-w800h360“What’s the worst thing you can imagine happening after travelling halfway around the world to present at a conference? In early February, I travelled to Japan on my first work trip with IPNLF to speak at the symposium “Designing the Future for Fisheries Certification Schemes”, hosted by the University of Tokyo. The symposium aimed to explore the challenges and possible solutions to issues related to seafood ecolabels, particularly for countries in Asia. Using examples from the small-scale tuna fisheries that IPNLF works with I hoped to explain where and how ecolabels have been a powerful tool for driving both environmental and socio-economic improvements. Whilst my aim was to share some of our ecolabel ‘success stories’, I also wanted to highlight that ecolabels aren’t the only way to drive positive environmental and socio-economic change in a fishery.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: IPNLF (International Pole and Line Foundation) – 16 de março de 2017

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