Publicado por: pongpesca | 2017/10/25

2nd JPI Oceans Conference | Lisboa | 26 de outubro

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVoAAAAJGQxZmQwOTVjLWI3MDUtNDUxNS04OWZlLTAyOWU4NjcxMWNmMQ“The 2nd JPI Oceans conference, taking place in Lisbon on 26 October 2017, will present the first results of the actions and projects initiated under the framework of JPI Oceans.
The event will provide an excellent opportunity for stakeholders from research and industry to network and discuss with policy makers from across Europe. Partners involved in the JPI Oceans joint actions will discuss the outcomes, opportunities and future outlooks of their activities. The conference will further highlight the international cooperation of JPI Oceans beyond Europe and results of CSA Oceans 2, the Horizon 2020 Support Action aimed to support the JPI.”

Ver mais informação aqui.

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