Publicado por: pongpesca | 2017/12/14

Fishy Business: Fish POs in the EU

LIFE-LOGO-FOR-SITE1“How the failure to properly recognise and regulate the EU’s fish producer organisations [POs] is failing the Common Fisheries Policy and smaller-scale fishermen and what should be done to resolve it.
There is increasing interest amongst the small scale coastal fishers (SSCF) of Europe [80% by number of the overall EU fleet] in the possible benefits to them of creating small scale fisher specific producer organisations.
This would be good news for all parties interested in achieving the CFP’s objectives as the regulations acknowledge that POs are “the key” to achieving those objectives” and Europe’s small scale coastal fishers represent a large majority of all Europe’s fishers.”

Ver comunicado completo aqui.

Ver relatório aqui.
Fonte: Low Impact Fishers of Europe


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