Publicado por: pongpesca | 2017/12/14

newsletter da Seas At Risk | outubro/novembro de 2017


“Dear readers,
While 15,000 scientists gave a clear warning about the catastrophic fate of the world in a “letter to humanity”, some recent decisions taken by our politicians indicate this warning is being ignored. Examples came from the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament, with its recent decision to weaken crucial legislation aimed at minimising environmental impacts of fisheries; from the International Maritime Organisation, with its refusal to take immediate action to fight the climate crisis, and from EU Member States that lack the ambition to achieve healthy seas by 2020. To remind the Member States of their 2020 commitment and determined to have a bluer future for our marine waters, Seas At Risk launched the “Save EU seas” petition. Help us by signing and sharing it!”

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Fonte: Seas At Risk

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