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Guidelines to strengthen organizations representing the small-scale fishing sector

“These guidelines have been prepared as practical action points to strengthen small-scale fishing organisations and help them make their voices heard in the decision-making process. Based on interviews with fishers and fishing organisations from the Atlantic (France, Spain and Portugal), the guidelines are made up of practical action sheets, each referring to articles from the EMFF regulation and according to individual Member States and national administrations. Each sheet specifies whether the action can be made possible or funded by the FLAG. Finally, the document centralises all the useful contacts in France, Spain and Portugal who can provide technical and administrative assistance in developing projects.
The guidelines are available below in EN, ES, FR and PT.”

Versão em português aqui.

Versão em inglês aqui.

Versão em francês aqui.

Versão em espanhol aqui.

Mais informação aqui.

Fonte: FARNET, 19 de dezembro de 2017


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