Publicado por: pongpesca | 2018/01/24

Aid for oceans and fisheries in developing world drops by 30 percent

“Financial aid to fisheries in developing countries has declined by 30 percent, finds a new study from UBC and Stockholm Resilience Centre researchers, published in Marine Policy. Projects focusing on climate issues in fisheries had a 77 percent decline over the five years studied.
“Sustainable  make good economic sense not only as a source of employment and regular catches, but also because of their nutritional value,” said co-author Colette Wabnitz, Research Associate at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries and the Nippon Foundation – UBC Nereus Program “Investments in small-scale,  enhance  resilience and give vulnerable communities access to healthy food while preserving traditional diets.””

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte:, 17 de janeiro de 2018

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