Publicado por: pongpesca | 2018/04/03

Gearing Up for the Landing Obligation

gearingup logo“The GearingUp project will help fishermen, net makers and fisheries managers find practical ways to reduce bycatch – or unwanted catches – in commercial fisheries. Launched to help identify solutions for different vessels to meet challenges of the Europe-wide ‘Landing Obligation’ (LO), the project aims to bring together data on gear selectivity trials that have taken place in the North Sea and North Western Waters since 2002 and make it available via an online tool. GearingUp users will have access to precise results from the applications of gear innovations anywhere, anytime, so they can make an informed decision about modifications to their fishing gear.”

Ver mais informações aqui.

Ver mais informações sobre a ferramenta aqui.

Ver questionário “The Gearing Up Survey” aqui.

Fonte: GearingUp, março de 2018

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