Publicado por: pongpesca | 2018/05/03

Photo e-book: The Meaning of Small – Diverse Values of SSF

“Small-scale fisheries are part of the land – and seascape that many people are familiar with, mostly because of their presence in, and proximity to, places where tourism and recreational activities take place. Yet, unless one grows up in a fishing village, or comes from a fishing family, it is hard to fully appreciate the real meaning of small-scale fisheries.
Small-scale fisheries are certainly not just a part of history, culture, and heritage that needs to be preserved like some people may think. Their values go beyond providing food, income, jobs, and livelihoods. What makes small-scale fisheries unique are the diverse values and meanings that are inherent to them, as well as those that they bring to society.”

Ver mais informação e descarregar o livro, aceda aqui.

Fonte: Too Big To Ignore

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