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Marine pollution caused by shipping industry: Emerging threat in domain of environmental security

“Oceans play a crucial role in balancing the global ecosystem. Hence, sustenance of a healthy marine environment is of vital necessity for several reasons. At the outset of expansive trade policies in the international arena, freight of goods via sea routes have been largely resorted to by the major players of the global market. Therefore, in the recent past marine pollution caused by the shipping industry has been identified as a growing concern by the coastal nations of the world.
Discharge of oil into the oceans could take place either operationally or accidentally. The common causes behind operational oil spills would include, cleaning of tanks at the sea and flushing of machine rooms which will discharge large amounts of oil residue to the ocean. Due to the costs attached to being anchored in a port, some shipping operators prefer not to use port facilities when handling such oil residue.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: South Asia Journal, 24 de dezembro de 2018

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