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Indian-American’s start-up could revolutionise the fight against marine litter

Spools of coloured thread. Credit: Getty Images“A start-up by an Indian-American in Los Angeles can completely change the battle against marine plastic litter that is plaguing the world’s oceans at this moment.
Akshay Sethi, a chemistry student from the University of California, Davis and co-student, Moby Ahmed started exploring ways to recover polyester, the most common fabric in mass-produced clothing, while studying. They founded Ambercycle (now ‘Moral Fiber’) in 2015, working initially with microbes to break down polyesters.
Moral Fiber has now developed a three-step chemical process that can extract polyester from mixed blend materials to create a new yarn, billed as the world’s first textile product made entirely from old clothing. The equipment needed for this transformation can fit into a small shipping container, making it easy to deploy.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: DownToEarth, 2 de janeiro de 2019

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