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6 ways you can help marine life today

Whale shark“This year on World Wildlife Day, we turn our attention to life below water — and what you can do for the creatures living there. Human Nature tapped six Conservation International experts for their best tips to help marine species, whether you’re commuting to work or whale-watching on vacation.
Let’s dive in.
Be that person at the restaurant
“Every time you purchase seafood, ask questions. Don’t ask yourself — ask the waiter, fish monger or person at the fast food counter. What species or kind of fish is this? Is it imported? How was it caught? Just by asking these questions, you have the power to guide fisheries practices by letting seafood producers, processors and retailers know that you care about where your seafood is coming from and how it is caught.” – Matthew Ramsey, director, Conservation International Hawai’i”

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Fonte: humanature, 1 de março de 2019

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