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Thumbs up for marine blueprint in the Mediterranean

Thumbs up for marine blueprint in the Mediterranean“Thanks to a trailblazing marine protection initiative in Turkey, the tide may finally be turning for the Mediterranean monk seal – one of the world’s most threatened marine mammals.

Mediterranean monk seals are exposed to a barrage of threats throughout their limited range, including habitat deterioration, pollution, accidental entanglement in fishing gear, disturbance at breeding sites and reduced availability of prey as a result of unsustainable and illegal fishing practices.

The global population of this endearing but endangered pinniped may be as low as 600 individuals, and the total number of adults is estimated at no more than 450. The Aegean Sea harbours the largest subpopulation, and around 100 of these seals are found in Turkish waters.

Gökova Bay Special Environmental Protection Area is Turkey’s only actively managed marine protected area. Encompassing over 300 square kilometres of marine and coastal habitat, it is a vital haven not only for Mediterranean monk seals, but also for sandbar sharks, dusky groupers and other charismatic but threatened fish species.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: Phys, 19 de março de 2019.


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