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Sustainable fishing in Malta

Resultado de imagem para times of malta logo“Fish is a popular food in Malta. It is an important part of our diet and culture. Fresh and frozen fish is sold in markets, fish shops and supermarkets. But how sustainable are our practices?
Fish quotas regulate fishing of certain species of fish. These catch limits are expressed in tons or numbers. When the catch limits for a fish are reached, the season closes, prohibiting further fishing for that type of fish.
The NGO Fish4tomorrow was formed in 2010. It aims to raise local awareness on the importance of seafood from sustainable sources. When interviewed about sustainability of local fishing practices, Fish4tomorrow spokesman J D Farrugia said that whereas in previous years there used to be an abundance of fish, nowadays the Maltese waters are void.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: Times of Malta, 5 de maio de 2019

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