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Global meeting must act to rescue Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna from collapse

“Gland, Switzerland: In advance of the 23rd annual meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) next week, WWF warns that ongoing overfishing could push yellowfin tuna populations in the Indian Ocean to the brink of collapse. WWF urges all member states to make strong, clear and public commitments to reduce overfishing when they meet in Hyderabad, India from 17-21 June.

Marcel Kroese, WWF’s Global Tuna Leader, said, “Urgent action is essential, otherwise the Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna population will ultimately collapse.”
“Allowing the yellowfin tuna population to crash would not only harm ocean ecosystems, it would undermine the livelihoods of countless fishers and their families, and damage local economies.”
In 2016, the IOTC adopted a rebuilding measure aiming to achieve a 20 per cent reduction in yellowfin tuna catches but member states have fallen well short of this target, missing the mark by a total of 23,000 tonnes of fish.
Umair Shahid, WWF’s Indian Ocean Tuna Manager, said, “Each member state must be held accountable for these repeated failures to act.”
“Every country that catches yellowfin tuna must come to this meeting with a clear commitment to reduce its catches, which it should reveal to the public. All IOTC members owe this commitment to responsible conduct to their own communities as well as to consumers who want to make the right choice.”
WWF’s top priority for the meeting is to ensure action toward the urgent rebuilding of Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna populations. WWF is also calling for parties to commit to a comprehensive fish aggregation device (FAD) management plan; improved observer coverage effectively to 100 per cent with human or electronic means; monitoring of small-scale fisheries; and the reduction of bycatch including of sharks and rays, cetaceans and turtles. “


Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: WWF, 14 de junho de 2019.

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