Publicado por: pongpesca | 2019/06/17

We’re failing the world’s oceans. Businesses can help save them

Sem Título.png“To many people, our oceans seem far too big and too powerful to fail. But the same was once said of history’s most famous “unsinkable” ship — the Titanic.

This hubris is the root cause of the dire problems now facing our seas. It’s up to governments, individuals and, most importantly, businesses, to lead the charge in saving our oceans before it’s too late.
Approximately half of the world’s oxygen — every other breath we take — is produced by the ocean. The largest ecosystem on Earth, the ocean provides food to more than a billion people, sustains millions of jobs and generates trillions of dollars in revenue. Its majestic beauty provides us with a priceless source of inspiration.”
Ver artigo completo aqui.
Fonte: CNN, 14 de junho de 2019.

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