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A New Toolkit to Accelerate Ocean Conservation: Ocean Genomic Horizon Scan

genetic-biocontrol-invasive-rodents-program-island-conservation-revive-restore-ocean-conservation-coral-reef-feat“The world’s oceans are in great peril. To help conservation and to reverse the trends of oceanic degradation, we must innovate and employ every available tool. More help is on the way. Today, Revive & Restore, a California-based non-profit conservation organization, announced the release of an “Ocean Genomics Horizon Scan.” This report provides a first-of-its-kind assessment of genomic and biotech innovations to complement, enhance, and accelerate today’s marine conservation strategies.
Revive & Restore is raising $15 million to fund ten “Big Ideas” that demonstrate the power of these technologies and address a significant conservation challenge. Each of these Big Ideas is led by a team of passionate scientists and identifies a clear technology development path with achievable milestones on a two-to-three-year timeline.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: Island Conservation, 26 de junho de 2019

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