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Ending Overfishing Is Opportunity to Combat Climate Crisis – Report

 Jeff Rotman / Alamy Stock Photo “Ending overfishing would not only secure vital fish populations for the future, but constitutes a significant climate emergency action, according to a report published today. According to Our Fish, the report’s findings offer EU governments a realistic opportunity to deliver immediate and effective action on dangerous climate change, as well as meeting their legal obligations to finally quit overfishing.
The working paper, Ending Overfishing Can Mitigate Impacts of Climate Change, by Dr Rashid Sumaila and Dr Travis Tai of the University of British Columbia, finds that “overfishing and climate change are not mutually exclusive problems to be addressed separately,” as both are severely impacting ocean health, and putting marine ecosystems and the goods and services they provide to communities at risk.”

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Fonte: Our Fish, 2 de setembro de 2019

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