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Briefing & Discussion: Your Role in Protecting Life Below Water | Bruxelas | 25 de setembro

Copy of Pic - invite“With the 2020 deadlines of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG14) looming, and negotiations around the future of fisheries subsidies intensifying at the World Trade Organization, now is a critical moment for fisheries. We are delighted that Mr Chris Davies MEP, Chair of the Committee on Fisheries will be opening an event considering the crucial role of the EU in global marine policies. Speakers will explore the critical value of the sustained health of our global ocean in a mix of addresses and interactive discussion, featuring members of the European Parliament, scientists, and campaigners working on the front-line of fisheries policy.”

Inscrição aqui até 23 de setembro.

Fonte: Pew Charitable Trusts

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