Publicado por: pongpesca | 2020/01/10

Buyer beware – How to use WWF’s new Endangered Marine Species Guide

“The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a new guide aimed at buyers, retailers, chefs, and consumers identifying the 10 most at-risk seafood species and how to handle them from a sourcing standpoint. The new “Endangered Marine Species Guide” is meant to serve as a tool to identify the marine species that are known to be commonly concerning within seafood supply chains, such as abalone, bluefin tuna, conch, freshwater eel, grouper, sea cucumber, shark, skate and ray, sturgeon, and totoaba. Stakeholders can look to the guide, which was released at the beginning of August 2019, for “clear instructions for if or how it’s possible to source these species responsibly,” WWF said.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: Seafood Source News, 31 de Dezembro de 2019


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