Publicado por: pongpesca | 2020/03/23

Farmed fishing is the future — but can it be sustainable?

Abalone are hauled ashore in a cage at France Haliotis“I was holed up in Brittany this winter, pretending to write. At high tide I swam, at low tide I walked along the seashore staring into rock pools. After Brexit was formally begun on January 31, there was a series of storms. One left a scrim of multicoloured plastics along the high-tide mark, another cracked a concrete jetty in two.
All sorts of creatures were heaved up from the depths and caught in rocky crevices: big spiral whelks, the long elegant razor clams, bright orange starfish, a whole gasping bass of some kind, wild oysters, a whole live scallop that I took home to eat. I also found shells of the rare European abalone, whose opalescent interiors shimmer so enticingly.”

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Fonte: Financial Times, 20 de março de 2020

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