Publicado por: pongpesca | 2020/06/02

Workers remove dead 40ft whale from Clacton beach

Dead whale being removed from beach“A dead whale washed up on a beach in Essex has been removed.
The 40ft (12m)-long creature, believed to be a fin whale, was first reported in shallow water close to the sand near Clacton, at about 05:30 BST on Friday.
The area was cordoned off during the recovery, but will be fully reopened on Sunday.
Mike Carron, of Tendring District Council, said: “It is a very sad occurrence that something so beautiful and amazing was washed up.”
People had been warned to stay away due to health concerns, after the carcass was spotted at Holland-on-Sea.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: BBC News, 30 de maio de 2020

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