Publicado por: pongpesca | 2021/05/06

DG MARE 2021 Seminar (Webinar) on Fisheries Science: Supporting fisheries with marine protected areas

“This year’s edition of the annual Seminar on Fisheries Science of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) will focus on marine protected areas (MPAs).

Today, most marine ecosystems have suffered changes through anthropogenic activities. The need to protect or restore marine biodiversity and fish stocks has led to increasing calls for the establishment of MPAs. With a target of protecting at least 30% of EU waters by 2030, MPAs are an integral element of the Biodiversity Strategy, promoting a larger EU-wide network of protected areas with specific fisheries-management measures according to clear conservation objectives and based on scientific advice.”

Ver artigo completo aqui.

Fonte: Comissão Europeia, 6 de maio de 2021.

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